About us

Đăng bởi: Huy Nguyen 12/10/2019 16:44 , 912 lượt xem

Gom 10 was found in 2010, in central of the most famous area in Vietnam about ceramics, named Bat Trang.

We are the combination of many ceramics workshops, which are covering mostly all types of product, such as tableware (bowls, dishes, etc.), tea sets, decorations, and worship.

There are over 10000 products on website (https://gom10.vn) and new models are updated very regulary, making the largest website about ceramics in Vietnam

Gom 10 supplies ceramic products to the market in both B2C and B2B. 

- B2C:

+ Mostly online retails

+ And also direct offline shopping.

- B2B: 

+ Agency system with 20 agencies in many provinces, and increasing rapidly

+ Manufature on-demand: sign contracts to produce quanlity and design as requirements


Our vision:

A global-leader brand in ceramics production.

Our mission:

- Supply to customer good quality & price, easy-to-use, safe-in-use ceramic products. Customer's value is the most important target for us. We are designing products that meet the customer's need and selling with very compative prices.

- Apply technology to bring convenient and professional services



- Top 50 reliable brand in Vietnam 2017

- Typical brand of ASEAN 2018